Algorand Use Cases Breakdown

The technical barriers that have undermined mainstream blowckchain for years are being eliminated by Algorand. Scale, security, and decentralization are included in this barriers. Algorand’s consensus mechanism is the pure proof of stake and it permissionless. This consensus mechanism ensures the total participation, speed, and protection within an entirely decentralized network. With the finalizing of blocks in a few seconds, Algorand’s transactions are carried out with huge payment and financial networks. Algorand is actually the first blockchain to give users an immediate transaction finality. There is no forking and no uncertainty. This is the new era of a borderless and decentralized economy, and Algorand is the foundation for this new improvement.

Decentralization: The Algorand blockchain is a completely decentralized network, this means that there are no central powerful authorities or a single point of control. Every block is being approved by a completely random and secretly selected committee. The nodes are then operated by entities that represent different backgrounds across many different countries.

Transparent and Fair: The control of the platform is being distributed amongst all the participants of the individual networks.

Accuracy: With Algorand, there exists no risk of data being manipulated, destroyed or even lost.

Secured: Due to the fault tolerance there are no special group of users that an attacker can see as a target.

Permissionless: With Algorand, users do not really need approval from some sort of trusted authorities before making use of the blockchain. There are no gatekeepers, there is only a single class of users. Every block can be read by any participant and the users have the ability to write a transaction in a block in the future.

The Algorand platform does not require a large cost for modest IT and processing power resources to get involved. All the users of Algorand are automatically eligible for participation in the block consensus.

Pure Proof of Stake

Algorand makes use of a pure proof of stake (PPos) consensus protocol that is built on the Byzantine agreement. This simply means that the system can achieve its consensus without having a central authority and can tolerate users that are malicious in as much as a large majority of the stake is in non-malicious hands. The influence on the users on the choice of a new block is directly proportional to their stake in the system, that is the number of Algorand. Proposing and voting on blocks proposals are done by some randomly and secretly selected users. All the Algorand users online have the ability to be chosen to propose and to vote. The probability that a user will be chosen is also proportional to their stake.


On the Algorand platform, the power lies entirely in the hands of the users holding stake. All the users receives an amount of reward that is proportional to their stake for every block that they have committed to the chain. This is done to encourage users to join the platform and to celebrate the path of decentralization.

Open Source

The Algorand node repository operates on an open-sourced and is publicly available for just any of the users to have access to use, audit, and build upon it. The Algorand platform us founded under the principles of inclusivity, collaboration, and transparency, and it is being maintained by a dedicated community that has a common vision of a decentralized and borderless future.

Algorand is built on the idea that the system would not allow changes and will also avoid policies that are not flexible, thereby enabling both the protocol and the community to evolve. The Algorand platform takes a consensus approach to the changes in protocols and enables the continuous improvement of the protocol by eliminating potential hard forks that can affect the community. This kind of ability is powered by the Algorand consensus protocol which is responsible for making it possible for users to reach consensus on anything. Not only for the next block but also for the upgrade in protocol.


Attestiv: Enabling Digital Media Validation across the Insurance Ecosystem

Attestiv is a tamper proof media validation platform that makes use of Algorand’s blockchain for the enabling digital transformation across the insurance industry.. Attestiv core technology makes it possible for digital media to be validated with the use of patent pending AI technology either via forensic analysis or at the point of capture.

Verady: Professional-Grade Accounting Integrated Available to Algorand Users

Verady is the leading cryptocurrency accounting and tax software company, the company just mentioned Algorand as one of its ledgible platform client. Ledgible adds the necessary financial infrastructure component to the Algorand platform as they tend to expand their offerings. Ledgible integrates the ALGO into software by providing integrated accounting and by expanding the growing suite of the digital financial services and products that are available to Algorand users.

Props: Migrating its Rapidly Growing User Network to Algorand Due to Scalability

Props is a network that is created to reward users if applications with a financial stake in whatever network they contribute to. Props moved to Algorand to support the activities on its props chain. Algorand public chain will bring about an increase in props speed and reliability when more transaction volume is lowered with a high level of security.

RHOVIT: Paving the Way for Content Monetization and Platform Gamification on Algorand

RHOVIT is a platform of gamified content it offers mining of cryptocurrency in an easy and affordable manner and at the same time instituting a better monetization method for content creators. RHOVIT stands to gain from enterprise-grade scalability and world-class innovation for the development of tools and creative methods for users to earn and mine by simply building on Algorand.

Meld Gold: Transforming Gold into a Digital Asset on Algorand

Meld Gold is an Australian tech company in its early stage. It is created on a digital platform that aims to change the way gold is bought and sold. Meld gold selected Algorand as the best platform for the connection of all the components of the gold marketplace by bringing dealers, suppliers, and buyers directly to a place where they want to trade their assets.

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