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The advent of blockchain technology paved the way for the creation of a plethora of blockchain-based solutions for different problems, and across different industries. Originally, blockchain was created as a solution to bring economic independence to both the banked and unbanked, by decentralizing the processes and excluding unnecessary 3rd party involvement.

However, over time, it was discovered that there was more to the technology than just being the underlying force to power cryptocurrency, and thus it has been introduced into different industries and sectors, including the gaming industry. With all that has been achieved with blockchain in over a decade of its introduction, the technology still lags behind when it comes to mass adoption.

The Problem

As the use of blockchain in gaming has continued to grow, one problem that has been recurring is the fact that most previous blockchain-based gaming platforms were created to promote blockchain, without really paying attention to the user experience of players, and so people lost interest in such platforms. However, it has been discovered that making the player a priority when creating blockchain-based games, opens a portal into the virtual world of interesting gaming activities that are adventurous.

The Solution

There are different play-to-earn games within the crypto community, but Pixel Pix is taking profitable gaming to a whole new level by giving players the platform and opportunity to build their own NFT-based creations from nothing more than 1 pixel. If you are familiar with some retro gaming platforms from the ’80s, then you will be reminded about the pixelated games you enjoyed when you were little. One of the major intentions behind the game is that the creators are giving you the opportunity to contribute to the development of a large and expanding digital experience where the virtual ecosystem has pixels as the tiniest parts that are combined to build the system.

Basically, the game was created to be simple to understand and play, and fun enough to enjoy continuously. Furthermore, when a player builds their creation (PIXIE NFT) from scratch, liquidity is provided to the creations, and thus it makes it profitable for the players to earn something while they play.

Game Play

Have you ever played a game where your ability to create was not limited? This is the game, and there are indications that you will enjoy it. Players are at liberty to enjoy the Pixel ecosystem and explore the various elements and creations there, and to make it more interesting, the player can build their own PIXIE creations. When a player builds a PIXIE, they can add different features to the creation, and also name them; when they do that, the creation automatically gets trademarked as a tradable NFT on the marketplace specifically set up for trading Gamestarter NFTs.

As a player, you can create your PIXIES, stake them, use them for in-game fights, trade them, or if you do not want to build from scratch, you may opt for buying the PIXIES. It does not matter what path you choose or which one interests you, they are all interesting and exciting.

For context, it is important to note that when you create anything from the very first pixel, your creation will be referred to as a PIXIE. There are only two limits; your imaginative ability, and the fact that there are only 1,000,000,000 pixels. There are different intricate levels attached to the different PIXIES, but every player that gets on the game will begin from using only one pixel, and then as they proceed through the game, they can get more pixels. Furthermore, the onus is on the player to have unique creations, as well as name them and add rich features to them too.

There are two ways that players can get pixels; the players can either participate in the virtual fight happening in the arena, or they can purchase the pixels from the marketplace.

You may be wondering what the arena is about; that is where the PIXIE fights happen. There are different arenas, and the fighting styles are different across the arenas. When a player creates a PIXIE, they can test the PIXIE’s attributes in different levels and areas within the PIXELVERSE, and with respect to different in-game guidelines and rules.

It may interest you to know that the game has a multiplayer function, and thus it makes it possible for players to compete against each other in the arena, as well as enjoy seamless interactions on the platform. The idea is to make the gaming platform as interactive as possible, because the more interactive it is, the more interesting it becomes for the players. Players will get access to the game on different platforms including virtual reality (VR), PC, or mobile.

How it works

The functionality of the game is based on the Unity 3D engine that makes it possible for the players to move their creations however they want, and in any direction, without any limitations to their movement. The players are also free to upgrade their PIXIES based on their imagination and the pixels they have with them.

There are different PIXIE levels, and movements in the different levels may include being able to jump, touch, walk, fly, or any other form of interaction that is available within the gaming ecosystem.

Pixel Pix intends to be very easy to access, and so the platform is combining different technologies to make multichain activities possible. This will make it easy for the players to choose the easiest methods to have their PIXIES moved.


Two tokens will be used for different purposes; the $PIX and the $GAME. Players can use the $PIX token to pay for NFTs or Pixels, and there is a fixed amount of 1,000,000,000 $PIX tokens. The $GAME coin was designed to facilitate the minting of the NFTs.


It is amazing to see how far blockchain-based gaming has come, and making it player-centric is a good move by Pixel Pix in order to push blockchain to mass adoption.

Pixel Pix will be holding their token sale on Gamestarter, that recently has announced participation tiers. You will need to stake $GAME tokens to be eligible for an allocation. The smallest tiers starts with 750 tokens and the largest tier requires 150,000 tokens, with a bunch of tiers in between. You will definitely find a tier for your budget. Finally, right now there is only one IGO (Initial Game Offering) announcement, but most definitely there are more platforms to follow. I would also not exclude the possibility that Pixel Pix will follow the strategy of Dark Frontiers. You can check out the details in the previous article.

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