Polkalokr — Highly Customisable Escrow for Token Economies.


  • It is designed for easy use and has the user in mind.
  • With the aid of Polkadot, the platform supports cross-chain functionalities.
  • It is fully customizable.
  • The release schedules are flexible.
  • The token unlocks is based on events within the ecosystem.
  • There are different insurance products.
  • Users can monetize their locked tokens.


  • With the Swapr protocol, atomic swaps can happen cross-chain, and users have access to improved multi-sig and privacy options.
  • By implementing Lokr Oracle feeds, users can perform event-based or instant execution.
  • Digital assets that have been tokenized, can be swapped.
  • Adoption
  • Trust
  • Complex
  • Humans usually pose a problem to systems that aren’t automated, and thus are the weak links. In this case, Polkalokr takes away the human factor and presents users with an automated and trustless system that is focused on the governance of the protocol. This trustless system is needed in order to seamlessly handle the locked tokens and escrow services.
  • The platform is seamless and customizable. At the core of Polkalokr’s functionality is an improved user experience at different stages of using the platform.
  • Polkalokr makes it easy for enterprises to onboard and integrate the different services offered by the platform. The company will make partnerships seamless for prospective partners.

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