StaFi Protocol: rTokens, Recent Progress and released Solutions.

  • Liquidity is one problem that previous systems have faced, but in this case, users do not need to be bothered about the liquidity involved with FIS tokens that get staked, because rFIS can be swapped on a platform like Uniswap, and liquidity gotten later.
  • The rFIS protocol is designed to take cognizance of OVs (original validators) within the contract, and their most yielding ROI. In order to optimize the staking profitability by the investors, the high ROIs are used.
  • By default, StaFi uses a staking system that may be difficult for a basic staker to understand, considering there are different components like how rewards can get claimed, how the performing validators can be selected, what determines rewards, the consensus protocol, and the totality of nominators involved, etc. However, by implementing rFIS, stakers of FIS can perform their staking operations easily, at the click of a button.
  • Polkadot (rTokens): These include rDOT, rFIS, rKSM, and other related tokens that are used for token backed projects that are classified as substrates.
  • Cosmos: The tokens include rKAVA, rATOM, and other related rToken to drive the Cosmos community.
  • rETH: This is the rToken to perform Ethereum staking and redemption.
  • There are other rTokens like rEOS, rXTZ, etc.
  • As mentioned earlier, users do not need to worry about the liquidity of staked assets.
  • Users are free from waiting long periods before having their assets redeemed. With rTokens, they can have it exchanged according to the current rates of Token/rToken exchanges.
  • With rTokens, staking is encouraged for its users, because it will boost the profitability of staking when Proof-of-Stake projects are involved. Furthermore, there is improved security for original chains. It does not matter how many assets that get locked up, the improved security will oversee the operations of the original chain to ensure it remains intact.
  • StaFI is created such that it does not capitalize on the actions of the validators, because the protocol is not involved in the original chain’s validations. This makes it possible for the platform to create an ambience of cooperation with the validators and the entirety of the ecosystem, and thus drive more improvement and traffic to the development of decentralized finance (DeFi).



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