Staking Finance (StaFi)-Unlocking Liquidity of Staked Assets with rETH and rTokens.

  • Application Layer
  • Contract Layer
  • Bottom Layer
  • It will facilitate the conversion into ERC20-based rToken from substrate-based rToken.
  • ERC-20 FIS conversion from FIS that is substrate-based.
  • Developmental stage (smart contract, bridge logic, and pallet module)
  • Testing stage (documentation, code, security, performance, and function)
  • Audit of codes
  • Debug
  • Launch preparation
  • POS rTokens
  • CosmosSDK rTokens
  • Substrate rTokens
  • ERC-20 rTokens
  • Development (functionality of the rFIS protocol)
  • Documentations and testing
  • Audit and launch
  • Level 2 of StakingDrop
  • Finishing touches to integration designs
  • Outlining the specific solutions to possible problems of the different modules
  • Test of the important processes off-chain.
  • Development of rKSM and rDOT



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