StarTerra: The New Generation of Play2Earn and NFTs.

  • By default, the prefunded UST deposits will generate a 20% yield. 10% of the yield will be sent back to the depositors, and 5% will be used to pay the top-ranking players on the leaderboard, including every other person within the whale craft. Another 5% will be used to burn STT tokens.
  • Another source for generating yields will come from the fees the platform generates. This means that the yields will come from staking, IDO participations, staking, transactions, etc.
  • The third yield source will be facilitated through the sale of NFTs that will be available in limited editions, and they will be made available when the version 2 of the StarTerra platform is released.
  • 50% will come from the sales of the platform’s limited edition NFTs
  • 25% of the funding will come from the pre-funded deposits through the Anchor Yield.
  • 20% of the payout will come from the yields made from transaction fees.



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