The KEEP Project: Launching Blockchain Nodes Made Easy

  • Loss of top 100 spot a month after making upfront payments for ATOMs and capital costs.
  • Susceptibility to hacks
  • Network failure after investing.
  • Access your browser (most preferably Google chrome), search and install the chrome extension of MetaMask.
  • Open and register.
  • Click on the ‘deploy’ option.
  • After the server is created, copy the password, username, and IP, to your notepad because they will be needed again.
  • Go to myetherwallet for your new wallet. Access the Keystore button, input a new password, then download your generated Keystore file (do not forget your new password)
  • keyfile (copy the content of the keystore data that was created earlier and paste)
  • password (input the password of the wallet you created earlier)
  • address (input the wallet address)
  • Config.toml (edit according to the contained suggestions)
  • Repeat above for second node.



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