True P&L — the new way of trading

  • With the portfolio tracker, users can get access to all their accounts in one place, and that takes away the tedious task of going back and forth between different browsers, apps and platforms. Furthermore, the tracker is automated to give proper analysis about the crypto market trends, and improve on your investments, as well as give you concise analytics that are a function of your crypto trading history.
  • The addition of automated strategies makes trading even easier, because the user is not required to do much but approve the strategies. It is pretty easy for the user to start, and when the process begins, it is fully automatic and does not require more input from the user. The automation takes a whole lot of stress off the crypto trader, and thus they do not have to bother about the strategies.
  • Even though the process is fully automated, users still have full control over their funds, and they can be accessed any time they want.
  • It will be used for transactions in the collateral commission pool, and users will get discounts for the payments they make.
  • Users can stake the tokens and get access to farming/lending services, reduction in fees when True P&L products are used.
  • It can also be used for prime subscriptions on the platform.
  • The $PNL token will be used for impact mining, and incentivize True P&L users with rewards via trading competitions, hackathons, and other competitive challenges on the platform.
  • With the True P&L protocol on the Web 3.0 architecture, and with the aid of the Polkadot substrate, users of the $PNL token will get reduced fees when they use the DeFi services on the True P&L protocol.
  • Access to liquidity staking when using decentralized finance (DeFi) products.
  • It will also be used as collateral investment for users operating DeFi portfolios.
  • The $PNL token will be used for impact mining, and incentivize True P&L users with rewards.



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