If there is anything every crypto investor wants, it is the ability to earn without going through the hassles of studying markets and analyzing crypto market data. Interestingly, advancement in crypto technology has taken that burden off people who want to earn crypto passively.

True P&L was created to make crypto trading easy with its amazing features including Robo-Trading, TradingView Scripts Automation, and Portfolio Tracker among others. Users of the True P&L platform do not have to worry about getting their investments right, even if they have different accounts. …

The Covid-19 pandemic that hit the world in 2020 was an eye-opener for many people. Considering that economies came to a halt, businesses stopped operations, traveling was suspended, and even people could not leave their homes, they had to look for ways to adapt and survive to the new normal. Many people began to spend more time online; a lot of them learnt about cryptocurrency and got interested. …

The world of decentralized finance (DeFi) is growing fast, and that is due the fact that decentralization brings versatility and flexibility to FinTech. There are several DeFi apps within the crypto community, but one of the most outstanding ones is Kattana.

Kattana brings professionalism to DeFi trades. With the platform, users can trade cryptocurrency on both decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges, and they can also make use of the array of easy-to-use professional trading tools that only centralized exchanges used to have. …

Baue DApps und verdiene Rose beim Oasis-Eth Hackathon


  • Die Oasis-Eth ParaTime von Second State ist live im Mainnet des Oasis-Netzwerks! Sie ist erfolgreich gestartet und hat 18 Nodes, die für den Betrieb auf der ParaTime registriert sind.
  • Die ParaTime wurde mit Unterstützung für EVM entwickelt und unterstützt die gesamte Solidity-Toolkette, aber mit besserer Leistung und niedrigeren Gas-Fees als Ethereum.
  • Ab dem 16. März veranstalten wir die zweite Ausgabe des Oasis-Eth Hackathon! Nimm an den untenstehenden Herausforderungen teil, um Belohnungen zu erhalten und mehr über die ParaTime zu erfahren.

Oasis-Eth ist live im Mainnet!

Wir freuen uns, ankündigen zu können, dass die Oasis-Eth ParaTime jetzt live…

Polkalokr is a platform that facilitates different blockchain-based products, including an escrow service, among others. The platform is perfect for locking custom-made tokens for different purposes, and also offers users a seamless experience when integrating into existing decentralized applications.

One of the major takeaways of the Polkalokr platform is the amazing user experience, as well as the simplicity and trust it brings to blockchain-based ecosystems that may be complex to understand and join. Furthermore, the escrow service acts as a platform that empowers network participants to perform token distributions without interference from 3rd parties.

Polkalokr is providing users with a…

Data plays an important role in our daily existence, and companies in different parts of the world are scrambling for data, because the success of their operations is dependent on the access to data. In the quest for getting access to user data, one major issue that has popped up is “private data vulnerability”, and over time we have noticed how some big social media platforms have been accused of harvesting the private data of users for profits, and without the express permission of the users. …

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) projects have been on the increase since the advent of DeFi, and the year 2020 saw many DeFi projects getting launched for different purposes, but primarily as a way to bridge the gap between the world of decentralized markets and traditional finance systems. With the growth of DeFi came another way for DeFi investors to earn income, and this was through a process called “Yield Farming”.

The advent of the blockchain technology has paved the way for the creation of different applications with several use cases that are applicable to diverse sectors and industries. Since inception, blockchain has proven to be much more than the underlying technology to drive cryptocurrency, and every moment developers discover new ways to implement the technology for different purposes. Two successful blockchain-based startups have come together to offer topnotch services to users: Oasis Network and StaFi Protocol.

What is the Oasis Network?

One part of the financial market that is experiencing unprecedented growth and development is the area of personal finance. This area owes its growth to the widespread implementation and use of digital applications that facilitate the use of various fintech services that would otherwise have been difficult to access with traditional banking and finance systems.

There are different frontiers that make up the personal finance market, and one of them is ‘Venture Capital’. Venture Capital has begun to gain traction, however it is still a centralized system with middlemen that function as brokers. …

Privacy is a big issue when dealing with internet-based systems, and no one wants intrusions from unwanted entities or third parties. By default, the blockchain technology comes with some level of privacy and anonymity, but then again there are some bad actors lurking in different parts of the web who are always looking for loopholes to exploit and steal from unsuspecting people, and there are also social platforms that harvest user private data for different purposes that are unknown to the user. …


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